“Who Am I?” (excerpt from book, As We Fight)


“Who Am I?

The battles you face no longer await; they are here and now. As a worship leader, pastor, associate leader, volunteer, servant, or simply a church attender, we have all experienced worship as warfare, spiritually and sometimes physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether you see yourself as a creative person or not, you will find yourself at the frontline of battle. And in the midst of such battles, there is limited time; valuable time that could be saved by having supplemental resources, proper tools and weapons, and a tested battle plan. So I wrote this book to provide a valuable resource to help refine your tools and plans.

You’ll find a timely encouragement for each week that often accompany the cultural norms of the season.

As a tool meant to guide you, this book, filled with fifty-two devotionals, will alleviate some of the demands of your job or schedule and help you find fresh ways to inspire team members and stay inspired yourself, while staying relevant to the season at hand. With the year broken into four quarters, spanning three months each, the ideas stay relevant and fresh in this supplemental guide for worship leaders and worshipers alike. You’ll find a timely encouragement for each week that often accompany the cultural norms of the season. There is a fifth week in each quarter to compensate for longer months and give extra insight when needed. In addition, I’ve included some Back Pocket Devos to keep handy.

Having led worship for nearly ten years and heading up worship over the entire student ministry across three campuses, I have used many of these devotionals and been met with much success. I’ve served in various churches, and more importantly, at various levels. I began leading worship in small groups. God has given me a passion for worship and anointings for different seasons. Through His guidance, I’ve learned so much about submitting to authority while maintaining the vigor for battle. I know what it’s like to be the Private, who must blindly follow nearly every order. But as a good soldier, I have moved up in ranks according to God’s timeline, and have had the privilege of serving as a leader, and now a leader of leaders. It has not been an easy journey. The battles are real, and they aren’t just on the stage or supernatural.

What I had to fight to learn is now available to you in a well-organized and straight forward way. I’ve worked hard to take away the excuses you may have: not enough time to prepare an encouragement, not wanting to pull a watered down word out of your hat (I’m being nice, for now), not feeling equipped to share, thinking everyone is tired of you talking, not trusting your own words, or the plethora (yeah, I went there) of reasons that have crossed your mind before.

I’ve thought all of those excuses and said a few. My wife (husbands, you understand the power of her words) has said some of them to me on occasion as well. It doesn’t mean she was right, or wrong. So I went to the One who knows me best, my story, and how I fit into His story. He would stir my heart and call me closer to him. As I led my team, I naturally began to find encouragements that I felt were compelling, honest, and relevant. This book is the result of those leadings.

After launching our third campus, a video teaching campus, I had the privilege to be the worship leader. I truly believe that God used the sparks from our devotional times as catalysts for His glory. God has moved and is moving, and I’m honored to be a part of it. We can only ever attribute any good to Him.

These are real quotes I’ve heard, as best I can remember: “People really worship here.” “This campus’s worship atmosphere is amazing.” “It’s so refreshing to be part of an authentic service.” “There is such a sweet yet powerful spirit of worship here.”

We strive for excellence as another form of honoring Him, but there is always room to grow, and I know you feel the same about your own home church.

“As a leader, you will grow in your leadership and credibility among your team.” (Tweet this)

I promise to be honest, even painfully so at times. I promise that you will be challenged in the best possible ways through this study. As a leader, you will grow in your leadership and credibility among your team. As a team member or volunteer, you will grow in wisdom and truth. As we go on this journey together, God will make more things known to you than you could find on your own.”

For more info on the book, click here!

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